Happiness through Quality Food for Everyone

KAI『邂』means a fateful meeting.
We work with producers to find better ways to get food to the table and provide safe,
secure and delicious food.

KAI - The Sushi Restaurant -

Monday to Saturday
12:00 to 21:00 (Last Order 20:30)
+254 792 11 22 33
Marsabit Plaza, Ngong Road

KAI - The Sushi Bar -

Monday to Sunday
11:00 to 18:00
Chandarana Yaya Centre
Chandarana Lavington Mall
Chandarana ABC Place
Carrefour Westgate
Carrefour Sarit Centre

Fresh Fish

We aim to ensure a stable supply of high quality fresh fish caught along the Kenyan Coast in cooperation with local fishermen

Kenya has a coastline of 480km along the Indian Ocean. The sea is rich and one of the leading fishing grounds for yellowfin tuna. There are many other fish which are also found in the southern seas of Japan. However, the seafood culture is very poor even in the coastal region. Needless to say, there is no raw food culture. The fishery has not been developed enough and awareness of freshness is low. Nairobi, which is the capital of consumption, is located 500km inland and although there is a well-developed national road, the cold chain itself has not been developed.


Freshness management / Stable supply

  • Fisherman's knowledge and awareness of freshness
  • Insufficient equipment (refrigeration equipments, medium and large size fishing boats, fishing gears)
  • Seasonality (For about half a year from May to October, monsoons do not allow fishing as expected)
  • Improvement of supervision/operation of BMU (Beach Management Unit ≒ fishery association)


Long-term storage using Rapid-Freezer technology

  • Focus on fishermen who understand the concept well
  • Stock as much as possible during the high catch season (November-April) with freezing by Rapid-Freezer and keeping in Deep-Freezer

Next Steps

Support for fishery stakeholders

  • Sharing knowledge about freshness management
  • Cooperation with BMU in each region
  • Stable purchase

Short-term Goal

To wholesale to restaurants, and obtain retail certification of KEBS (Kenya Bureau Of Standards) and retail at supermarkets.

Japonica Rice

We aim to achieve high quality Japanese rice cultivation and stable supply in cooperation with rice farmers in Kenya

In 2016, we began contract cultivation in the rural area of ​​Mwea, located south of Mount Kenya. With the support of JICA, a system of irrigation has been in use for a long time in this area, and support for cultivation has also been provided to farmers. The farmers here cultivate long grain rice (fragrant basmati).
The contract cultivation was triggered by the voice of a JICA rice expert who was working in Mwea. More than 10 years ago, Koshihikari seeds were brought in for research purposes, but their quality had deteriorated after being left for many years. Screening for quality was conducted by the expert, and he provided us with the best products. At the same time, he also introduced us to a rice farmer who had been trained in cultivation. We have continued to grow together since then.


The screening was successful but those seeds were of reduced quality. They did not produce the best results in terms of yield, taste, etc.


With the help of a professor in JKUAT (Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology), we brought in seeds that had been inspected for export in Japan and started cultivation demonstration experiments.

Next Steps

We are looking to conduct commercial cultivation experiments in collaboration with the Mwea branch of KALRO (Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Organization)

Short-term Goal

To wholesale to restaurants, and obtain retail certification of KEBS (Kenya Bureau Of Standards) and retail at supermarkets.


We are looking for partners with whom we can undertake challenges in Africa, the Last Frontier
Reach out to us at +254 717 11 22 33 or kyohei@kai.co.ke.

  • Established a joint venture KEA TRADING LTD.
  • Import and sales of Kikkoman products and other Japanese food-related products, marketing and branding, etc.

  • 2019, we were entrusted with Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry / “Fifth Tobidase Japan!” Construction of kitchen-type incubation facility business with food hygiene management system.
  • 2018, we were entrusted with Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries / Market development project to solve food value chain issues in Africa.

  • 2021, started to import Tengumai of Syata Syuzou and Kozaemon & Yuzu Sake of Nakashima Jouzou to Kenya
  • 2020, launched a joint project to spread Japanese Sake in Africa

  • 2022, signed MoU and launched a joint project of rice cultivation, mainly in the Mwea region

  • During the COVID-19 pandemic, we have supported the A-GOAL project that delivers food and other essentials to low-income households through local sports clubs in some areas since May 2020. (KAI's Director is one of the founding members and its vice-president.)
  • As part of this initiative, we have assisted 10,000 people between May 2020 and 31st Jan. 2021, and will expand our target area to reach out to more families that need help.

  • 2022, slum support in relation to SDGs in Nairobi
  • Sessions for supporters are being organized so that they can learn the actual work and have an impact on the ground beyond just making a donation

  • 2022, we were entrusted with the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries / Demonstration project to establish a food value chain through a consortium of companies in Africa and other countries
  • We are looking to implement ideas such as "Village rice mills" with local rice farmers in the Mwea region

About Us


Apr. 2022

Assigned to a project with Karasawa Nouki Service Co., Ltd. and MOL, 「Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries / Demonstration Project for Establishment of Food Value Chain by Consortium of Companies in Africa and Other Countries」

Mar. 2022

MoU signed with KILIMOL, an MOL Group company, to launch a joint project on rice cultivation mainly in the Mwea region.

Mar. 2021

Launched a restaurant with Saraya Co. Ltd.

Feb. 2021

Launched a partnership with Carrefour and started selling sushi at their Westgate branch.

Apr. 2020

Launched a kitchen project with Saraya Co. Ltd

Oct. 2019

Launched cultivation demonstration experiments of new Japanese rice seeds at JKUAT

Aug. 2019

Introduction of Rapid-Freezer with Saraya Co. Ltd. as trustees of「Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry / “Fifth Tobidase Japan!” Construction of kitchen-type incubation facility business with food hygiene management system」

Dec. 2018

Launched partnership with Shoprite which is Africa's largest retail chain. Started selling sushi at their first store in Kenya

May 2018

Provided sushi catering services at State House (again in December of the same year)

Apr. 2018

Cold chain survey with Saraya Co. Ltd & COTSCTOS Ltd. as trustees of「Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries / Market development project to solve food value chain issues in Africa」

Jan. 2018

Launched the sales activity of KEA Trading Ltd.

Aug. 2017

Established a joint venture, KEA Trading Ltd.

Jun. 2017

Reorganized to KAI Global Ltd.

Aug. 2016

Launched contract cultivation of Japanese rice with a rice farmer in the Mwea region

Jan. 2016

Launched a partnership with Chandarana Foodplus Supermarket Ltd., a local retail chain. Started selling sushi with a unique take-away style.

Representative Biography

Jan. 2016

Established KAI Ltd. (100% equity capital)

Dec. 2015

Resigned as co-representative (shares sold)

Feb. 2015

Established a Japanese restaurant and became a co-representative

Sep. 2014

Moved to Nairobi, Kenya

Mar. 2008

After graduating from the Vietnamese Department of Osaka University of Foreign Studies, worked in New Zealand (used car dealership) and in Vietnam & Singapore (NYK).